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“$1 trillion per year”

photo by G. Nikolakopoulos

Most recently we have heard or seen in the news that president Obama announced his intention to proceed with “military action” in Syria due to the US administration belief that chemical weapons were used by Syria’s authority which resulted in vast number of deaths, while this type of ammo is prohibited.

A massive reaction occurred global wise and antithetical tendencies were to emerge.

UK’s president failed to convince the parliament to say “YES” and Russia raised intensive concerns about the validity of US intelligence claims.
As usual EU like Pontius Pilate is “washing the hands”

Since the fall of USSR what emerged as the world’s dominant state has been USA and their allies.

The bipolarity seized to exist after decades of cold war and unilateralism rose.

But since the Joseph Nye notion of “soft power” we have been witnessing the gradual transformation of US to a hegemonic figure that encapsulates the strategy “co-opt rather than coerce” (with Bush’ administration’s exception)

It was rather interesting to see the US backing down as Russia suggested another plan for Syria.

Is US gradually getting isolated?

But yet again most of the materials essential to build chemical weapons were purchased by British industries.

Who really cares about those people in Syria?

Is it just a game of power for the strong states?

Why they just ignore the raw reality of this war? Are they secretly coveting Syrias’ resources?

Is it a new form of imperialistic tactics?

I see what is a fact.. DEATH

I see war industries sell…I see their “masters” promote the Empire’s methods to spread hate, fear and rawness (remember Bob Dylan’s “masters of war”?)

You should spend a few minutes to read the figures..


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“The bride”

Old tulle, blue paint on disintegrated wooden window shutter, ramshackle house


I have been travelling in the country side examining how architectural particularities tend to be absorbed by the marching of New Liberalism as seen in the contemporary styles and norms..
I find interesting how the average house approached through phenomenolodgy is usually left to disintegrate and finally be replaced by ones that simulate houses in the capital..I guess capitalization and the “empire” as a whole leave very slight passages for individuals to reform or at least keep a cultural continuoum…This is the bride..Left to rot as many others and give its place to concrete crafts..

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CRISIS..what else?

August 10, 2013

foto by G. Nikolakopoulos

follow links to read statement – Greek version – English version

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“Eros never was joy..It’s darkness with a glimpse of night…”

foto by G. Nikolakopoulos

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“In freedom’s Empire”

Work is located at Barri Gotic Barcelona

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