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“The Entrepreneur of the self”


Digital editing Argiro Papathanasiou

thanks for their help Mara Motaki, Peter Dedes, Bill Dedes, Fotis, Panka

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at Prince’s Palace of Monaco

It’s not easy to sneak into the royal ghetto…that very moment when global injustice sovereigns…sometimes I feel that is just a dystopia but revolutions start quietly and grow..Someday the multitude will conquer its self awareness and all types of authoritarian figures will fall…

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“The lump sum grant”

“Check Out”

Foto by G. Nikolakopoulos

The latest “fashion” in the network media is the “check in” activity..
Users tend to inform their contacts and not only, on their wherebouts, specifically when it comes to venues such as bars, restaurants, clubs etc. Without realizing and due to the inner need, reinforced by the Capitalist mehodology, for “public approval”, individuals act as “advertisement units” and the notion of “lifestyle” passess through internet platforms and of course the smartphone. Instead of checking in why not checking out, not through the creation of antithetical realities, but by antagonistically confronting the “musts” imposed systemically, with a fundamental disputation of Capitalism and it’s strategy.

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